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Production groups, REST API and site registrations limits

Published: May 09, 2023

Last Update: March 20, 2024


You can create as many groups as you need to manage your application. Additionally, you can create a production group to centralize the management of your application.

Production groups

Your production group allows you to increase the number of site registrations and rest API calls according to your contract or partnership level. This increase can only be applied to one group per application.

Requesting production groups

Use our best practices to properly name groups.

  • If you are an Anthology Client or Partner. Create a Behind the Blackboard ticket requesting an increase of the number of rest API calls and/or site registrations. You need to provide:

    • The email used to register your application.
    • The name of the production group. If you haven't created one yet, the limits are applied to any existing production.
  • If you are a third party with no partnership level. Send an email about your application, company, integration, and whether you are interested in a partnership. You can review our documentation to become a partner.

Site Registration Limits

We provide a default of six sites to be registered in total.

Each developer group has a quota of the maximum number of Blackboard Learn sites that can access the group's applications, regardless of number of applications. You are responsible for keeping track of the sites where your Learn REST Application is installed. The client receives an error message if they install your REST application, and the site quota is exceeded for the developer group that manages it. The error message typically reads something like:

  • Failure: Application developer has exceeded maximum number of client installations. Please contact the developer.

REST API calls limit

We provide by default 10,000 calls every 24 hours.

A rate limit is the number of API requests that can be called each day from applications that are registered to your developer group. For example, if you have a 100,000 request limit and three applications, each application will use a portion of that limit. Your application should monitor the number of requests used at an application level using the http headers provided in each request response. Inform your user when your application stops or is about to stop working because of the rate limit.

HTTP HeaderDescription
X-Rate-Limit-LimitThe rate limit ceiling for the given development group.
X-Rate-Limit-RemainingThe number of requests left for the 24-hour period for the development group.
X-Rate-Limit-ResetThe remaining time before the rate limit resets, given in UTC epoch seconds.