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Published: May 09, 2023

Last Update: May 09, 2023


How to name your groups

This is a very important topic because the name you give the group is the name that shows up in the Learn system that is associated with the application ID when the Learn Administrator configures the integration. In general, you want the Group Name to include at minimum one or two items, 1.The name of the company/vendor that owns the application, and optionally 2. the name of the application or product. Below is an example for one application ID:

For developers you could use following name. Notice how we include the company name, the product name, and who the group belongs to:

  • SuperSoftware - Sudoku For Learners - Development Team 1
  • SuperSoftware - Sudoku For Learners - Development Team 2

Then your production group name could be the following:

  • SuperSoftware - Sudoku For Learners; or
  • SuperSoftware, Sudoku For Learners

If your company had a different product, say Multinote, it will have a different application ID and you will associate it with different groups, say:

  • SuperSoftware - Multinote - Development Team 1
  • SuperSoftware - Multinote - Development Team 2
  • SuperSoftware - Multinote

If your company name indicates your product, and your product name is trademarked, then you have several choices for a production group name. For example if your company is Mark's Software and your Trademarked' application is Multinote then you can have your production group name be one of the following:

  • Mark's Software
  • Multinote
  • Mark's Software - Multinote

We ask that you not add other, unnecessary information to a production group name. For example, including text indicating that the group name is associated with Blackboard REST APIs is not necessary, nor is an indication of server type such as '-test', '-stage', or '-production', as given the context, we and the Learn Administrator know that's where and how the group name is being used. It doesn't matter if you have a SOAP Web Service proxy of the same name as that shows up on a different page.

We will only assign site and rate limits higher than the defaults for development groups to Production Groups that meet these naming requirements.

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