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REST API Best Practices

Published: October 11, 2023

Last Update: October 11, 2023


General Best Practices

  • Learn System Administrators should be enrolled in courses only using a non-Admin enabled user.

    • System Administrator information is generally only available to 3LO Administrator requests.
  • Always monitor your API usage using the x-header information returned on non-oauth requests

    • Details on rate_limits and x-headers are available here.
  • Not all data operations are best done Just-In-Time (JIT). Some operations, such as backfilling data warehouses or refreshing caches are best done during off-peak Learn hours.

    • JIT calling or repeatedly calling for the same "static" data is inefficient.
    • Checking whether a student is still in a course or getting their course grades are reasonable JIT activities as that is data that may change between now and their last access.
  • Cache infrequently changed or “static” data and refresh periodically.

    • This reduces repetitive calls.
    • This reduces integration performance impact.
    • Don’t JIT retrieve ALL Courses for example as that data changes infrequently. Instead do this once and then periodically retrieve course data created or modified since you last request.
  • Always "optimize" your requests.

    • reduce your “search” criteria to as small a set of data as possible.
      • This limits the number of pages of returned data set.
      • E.g. use ?dataSourceId= to reduce your search to objects created using a specific DSK and follow caching practices.
    • Use the fields parameter to reduce the returned data set to only data points you require.
      • This limits the data transmitted and system load
  • Always try to logically bound your requests or before acting on request results:

    • Check if dates are within bounds
    • Check if attempts exist of if items are graded
    • Check availability
  • Do not use Collection Gets to test for a specific object.

    E.g.: don't use GET /learn/api/public/v1/courses/{courseId}/users to get all the course memberships to test if a student is enrolled.

    Instead use: GET /learn/api/public/v1/courses/{courseId}/users/{userId} and branch your code based on the result.

Best Practices per Product and API

* Calendar
* Gradebook