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Requesting Premium APIs

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Premium APIs offer several new capabilities for integrations with Learn Ultra experience.

How to request a Premium API

If you’re an Anthology client or a partner in Bronze level or above, please submit a Behind the Blackboard ticket and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

If you’re a Blackboard Developer Network Partner (BbDN), a Community Partner or a third-party developer interested in our Premium APIs, we offer a variety of partnership levels in the Anthology Partnership Program. Once you upgrade your partnership level, please submit a Behind the Blackboard ticket.

Our Premium APIs

Ultra Extension Framework

UEF is a set of Premium APIs that augment the Ultra experience of Learn. We designed a robust set of capabilities such as telemetry, help provider registration, and UI element rendering to enable better integrations and richer user experience. Take a look at First steps with UEF to get started.

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