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Published: May 09, 2023

Last Update: May 09, 2023


Getting involved in the Developer community is easy and with options to suit your goals…

  • If you have not already done so, register for an Anthology Developer Community account to interact. Its free, and gives you the ability to participate in all of the Anthology Communities. If you are interested in contributing to the blogs here on the Community site, let us know.
  • Build a tutorial
    • If there is an area of the product or a technology that you feel deserves more or better documentation, please consider working with us to build a tutorial so that we can share that information with the community.
  • Host a webinar
    • Please consider hosting a Webinar on any topic that you feel would benefit the developer community. We are able to provide a conference line and Collaborate software to support your webinar. Contact us if you are interested.
    • The Developer Office Hours is interested in hosting your presentation. Contact us if you have a topic on which you would like to present.
  • Contribute an idea for a REST or LTI Tool
  • Link to your blog
  • Present at a conference or user group event
    • Check the Calendar of Events for upcoming deadlines or regularly meeting groups which may benefit from your experience
  • Host an event
  • E-mail BbDN with your event details so that we can add it to our events calendar.
  • Give us feedback
  • Join the Anthology Techies Slack channel

Tech office hours call

Join our call, every wednesday at 10:00 AM Central on Microsoft Teams! please follow ->this link

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