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· 2 min read

Today we launched two new sections of developer documentation - Ally as a Service (AaaS) and the [Learn Ultra Extension Framework](/rest-apis/learn (UEF). These new APIs give you access to integration points and functionality that allows you to bring the power of Blackboard into your applications, and ultimately, your user's experience.

Ally as a Service is a standalone, separately licensed API to apply specific components of Ally's approach to content within your application. In its initial form, you are able to upload files, process them through Ally's accessibility checklist, and retrieve data that tells you what can be improved. This is only the tip of the iceberg, so make sure you continue to monitor this amazing capability for enhancements moving forward. For more information, including a conversation about pricing, reach out to your Account Executive.

The Ultra Extension Framework Premium APIs allow an integration to subscribe to events happening real-time in the Ultra UI, and respond to those events by interacting directly with the UI to do things like open panels, display modals, show messages and notifications, and augment the help system in Learn. Partners will need to be at a bronze level or higher to access these Premium APIs. See the partnership team for more information. If you are not a partner, check out how to become a partner. Licensed clients need only request access. Access is granted to your group in the developer portal, much like rate limits. Just open a case on Behind the Blackboard to get started!

As always, let us know if you have any questions!

Happy Coding!