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Data types for contentHandler

Learn’s /contents endpoints accommodate different types of content by using different handlers. Use the contentHandler field of requests and responses to indicate which content handler should be used. Available contentHandlers their uses are summarized below.

Supported handlers include:

contentHandler ID Description Supported since
resource/x-bb-document (Original) base document type, consists of rich text with an associated title
(Ultra) basic content item
resource/x-bb-externallink external link 3000.1.0
resource/x-bb-folder document that has child documents 3000.1.0
resource/x-bb-courselink link to a Blackboard course 3100.5.0
resource/x-bb-forumlink link to a discussion object 3100.6.0
resource/x-bb-blti-link link to an LTI object 3200.6.0
resource/x-bb-file represents a file object within Learn 3200.6.0
resource/x-bb-asmt-test-link (Ultra only) Ultra assignment or test object 3300.5.0
resource/x-bb-assignment (Original only) 3400.9.0


Link to an external resource. It has the following properties:


Content item that contains child content items. It has the following properties:

Content item with a link to other objects within Learn. It has the following properties:

Content item with a link to a discussion object. It has the following properties:

Representation of an LTI link within course content. It has the following properties:


Representation of a file uploaded to course content.

(Ultra experience only) Representation of an assignment/test link object


(Original experience only)