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Ultra Proctoring Service Tutorials - IMS Proctoring Spec + UEF


This series explains how to set up the UEF and and LTI Proctoring Learn. We use the Blackboard GitHub repos BBDN-UEF-Python and BBDN-LTI-Tool-Provider-Node to demonstrate. Our modified BBDN-UEF-Python code is the portion of the integration that displays the proctoring settings to the instructor. The BBDN-LTI-Tool-Provider-Node code contains stubs for the LTI Proctoring Service.

Part 1

In the Part 1 video we get you through the configuration of the two tools. You will learn how to get a proctoring managed placement from Blackboard. At the end of this video you will not have yet set up the UEF registration for the Proctoring managed placement. Hence when you click the “Configure proctoring settings” link in the assessment settings you will see an error in the JavaScript console.

Part 2

In the Part 2 video we show how to add code to the UEF Python tutorial-integration.js to register the proctoring placement, after which the “Configure proctoring settings” link will work to show the proctoring managed placement.

Part 3

In the Part 3 video we show how to display your proctoring configuration.

Recap and Review

In the Recap and Review video we review the fundamentals of the setup and demonstrate it working on the cookieless solution provided with Learn(tm) build 3900.13.rel31. Also shown is that the solution works great with the student preview feature.